2013 Tomb Raider

I have played several of the Tomb Raider games and when I initially heard of the 2013 reboot, I was pretty excited, wary but excited. I was nervous because the last few Tomb Raider games seemed kind of lack luster.

So my roommate and I went in together and bought the game for the house.

Ok I have to warn everyone out there, when you first start the game prepare to be frustrated. The controls are hard to maneuver and your combat level is really low. It feels like a struggle. Which is exactly how I think it was meant to feel.

I have yet to finish the game, but even now a little more than half way through, I have a different outlook on the game.

Seriously, when I first started it, I was dying left and right and there were too many people, the odds were always against me.

But, as you progress, you gain skills, weapons, combat experience and better control of the character.

I was taking on several guys after losing the majority of my weapons and I realized I was doing pretty well. I felt the controls were less spastic, even Lara had a change in attitude. In the beginning she was very hesitant and continually doubted if she could do whatever it was she was about to do. Then, as the adventure grew harder and darker she was changing, now giving herself self affirmations, “I can do this.” At the point of game I am currently playing, Lara’s whole outlook has done a 360. In one moment she actually screams, “That’s right run, I’m coming for you!”

The turn around is great, especially for a reboot. I almost started to not like the game because of the controls starting out, but in retrospect it was a smart decision. To literally feel like your helpless, and you actually doubt Lara builds the story and makes for a more realistic gameplay. At 18, Lara would not start out immediately as this brutal fighter, but develop into one. This game tells THAT story.

So if you started Tomb Raider and abandoned it for reasons I almost did, or if you were too wary to even pick it up, I urge you to give it a chance. The plot is great, the character development is some of the best and the tombs are beautiful. And trust me the controls get better.