Createspace and the Non-Existent Graphs

Alright people, I need help. I have been working on my Zombie Guide and I decided to do a test upload in Createspace. I figured I could see, realistically, how many pages I am looking at thus far and see how my graphs turned out.

Well, when I uploaded the file none of my graphs were visible and I do not understand why.

Now, I’ve put up a question on the Createspace community board to see if anyone will direct me to the best guide or give me a step by step, so if I get any answers there I will make sure to supply them here as well.

Here was my process.

I created my graphs using Excel. Once they were how I liked them, I copy and pasted them to my MS Word main book document. I inserted them into the sections I wanted them to be viewed, breaking up the text in several chapters.

I was reading about several people using Photoshop or saving their graphs as .jpegs (and other various image document file types). I work using Gimp, which is basically the same as Photoshop, but free. I don’t suspect the program will make a difference as long as I can save it to the appropriate file type.

Others talked about how they did use Excel to create the graphs, but maybe I’m missing a step when I export them to my Word doc.

My next attempt will be to save the excel graph as an image file and then insert it in my Word document.

I will let you know how that turns out.

If anyone has any experience with graphs in their self-published works and can offer tips – I am completely open to ideas. 🙂


PS4 What? And Poetry for Valentines

Sci-Friday everyone! And what does that mean? I bring you a small piece of relatively related to science news, info, picture, video whatever I decide and my decision is this video!

Isn’t it interesting? Sony gives us a date and that’s it. It’s a 45 second video of a date. I assume the date means that Sony will announce something on Febuary 20th. What could it be? Oh how about the next gen console?? Thats right, gear up for PS4.

Sony is jumping ahead this year to beat Microsoft to the punch. Microsoft will also be unveiling their next console fairly soon and both should be ready to be at the tip top of your Christmas list this year!

So start saving!

Also, on another note. As Valentines Day is right around the corner, I would like to ask, what’s more special than a poem to read to your special someone? Check out A Sense of Light or Darkness and say ” I love you” in one of the most romantic ways.

“I heard, you spoke like petals
With your iridescent grin
Just like before
I follow my shadow
And fall for you again.”

“-bittersweetness resting with it’s subtle changes
Like orange scattered leaves
Waiting for a wind.”

Or maybe your relationship is not all candied hearts and you would like to read something more sober.

“It’s broken frame
(An illusion of wholeness)
While jagged edges bursting light off
In different directions
Remind the air
Of its partial existence.”
Broken Vase

Whether your in love, in hate, or happily enjoying your single freedom, this collection offers both light and dark sides of many types of relationships.