Since It Seems the Theme…

This weeks top pick is girly, but I’m a girl and occasionally it’s ok to be girly.

Well, many of my friends and relatives are now at the point where they are getting married or having kids or both and of course that makes me (and all the other ladies) start thinking about our own weddings and kids and all that. So this post is just to have a little fun talking about what I day dream about (when my day dreams do not consist of being a secret agent, ninja like, superhuman or the likes).

My Wedding
If you have not gathered yet I’m a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and if I were to throw a decent sized wedding (I have a ton of family, so I’m not sure whether I’m wanting super small, medium, or just full on everyone) I would like it to be themed Kingdom Hearts. Now, I don’t really like the weddings that are super themed, like dressing up like Star Wars characters to take the vow. So, my idea is more subtly hinting at a KH theme. I’m thinking decorations be crystal like and reflective, blues, black and whites, maybe keys and hearts in some places, but not overly done. Something like the ties around the backs of the chairs could be tied with a key and heart interlocking. Then for food, we would have to serve star fruit or something similar, to represent the Paopu fruit at some point, but have an overall tropical menu.

The point is that guests would understand it see it and guests who have no clue what KH is just thinks it’s a nice tropical choice.

Music of course, could have KH songs sporadically inserted and maybe, just maybe a couple moments of the lights off and a cool heartless light show… Over doing it? Yeah, probably, lol ok no light show.

That’s basically what I’ve got, the dress, the cake and everything all just simple and color themed.

My Kids
One of the best benefits of being a writer is having the chance to name things, places, people, events anything you want. I don’t know how it is for other writers, but I spend a lot of time thinking about names, and in that, names for potential children. I have a list, some of which have been veto’d by my boyfriend, but I keep throwing them back out there waiting for him to forget he doesn’t like the name. I will share my list.

Girl names
Ruwin Aila

Boy names
I really liked Alexander Blaidyn (I thought Alex Blade would be the coolest name ever) but so many have named their kids Alexander or Xander and now I can not name him any form of Alex. So Blaidyn it is! And,


Some Axel, Some Writing and Some Frosty!


Today I have a couple things for you.

First off this picture of Axel, he is such a monster.

Second a fun little exercise to get that pen moving!

In stories, many characters have something very particular about them, a signifier. It’s something that reminds the reader who they are or what they do. As I was reading some Stephen King I realized how often he uses these signifiers as character names. “The Yellow Card Man” from
11/22/63 never had a name, he was just always the yellow card man because of the yellow card on his hat. By naming him only with his signifier King accomplishes several things; the reader never has to try to remember who the yellow card man is, the reader gains a very distinct image of the character by one phrase and the author cuts out a lot of descriptive language otherwise used to tell the reader more about the character.

I’m not sure whether it’s the choice of names or the contents of the books, but I always get the “vibe” of the character, and usually it is not nice, but really adds a richness to the text. So, for tonight choose a character and replace their name with a solid signifier.

In my book right now I use the name “red hard hat” for a fireman. The character who sees him is a little boy and he does not initially realize that it is a fireman. Giving the term I add some liveliness to the word choice and still tell the reader what is going on in the story.

I’m excited to use this method as a way to continue bringing life to the characters without paragraphs of detail that would otherwise be lost within words.

Lastly, a tiny rant for the day!

I have yet to use a very awesome free Wendy’s frosty card! Glad it’s free frosties for a year and its only February!

What’s in a Name?

One of the more significant differences between writing poetry and prose is the use of names. In my poems I seldom reference the name of a person and when I do, that name must fit perfectly. When writing prose I feel my inner poet reaching out yelling that name does not fit the character and needs a new one. So, I find myself researching names for the millionth time and I’ve discovered 2 things: my favorite websites for researching names, their origins, variations and meanings and I need a new notebook.

There are two sites I frequent when researching names. First is Behind the Name. I find this site easy to navigate, search for specifics and narrow down choices. For most names it gives the meaning and if applicable the history, which is great because I like to know what kind of weight I’m adding to character by choosing a certain name. Did you know that Evelyn was in the top 25 of 2011 most popular girls names in the United States? Or that Nevaeh was 35th? I might have thought (if I was inclined to use those names) that I would be giving semi uncommon, or fairly rare in the latter case, names to my characters. The second site I often refer to when researching names is Baby Names World. My friend, Dana suggested this site to me and it is really handy. Easy to navigate and you can save names to your “My Names” list. Convenient for any mother to be or in my case, writer.

After researching names I noticed I tend to grab the nearest paper and start jotting down all the ones I like. I easily fill it and start writing in the margins. So it seems, this weekend I will be starting a new notebook (and possibly a word spreadsheet to organize by origin or meaning) to collect my list of names I’ve fallen in love with. A few going in the notebook immediately will be Dagny, Cardea and Alphaeus. All three of these are the possible names of characters in the book I started. I love the idea that Dagny, as a girls name meaning “new day,” can be shortened to Dag. Who wouldn’t love a girl named Dag? Cardea and Alphaeus both mean changing and the characters I have outlined for them will certainly be undergoing some “changing.”

So the next time you are ready to name a character, know the weight that it carries. The history or meaning of a name could help sway you from a bad pairing for the personality of your character, or rekindle a forgotten or disliked name. For a writer creating a whole person, what’s in a name? Well the answer in this case is not so similar to Shakespeare.