Createspace and the Non-Existent Graphs

Alright people, I need help. I have been working on my Zombie Guide and I decided to do a test upload in Createspace. I figured I could see, realistically, how many pages I am looking at thus far and see how my graphs turned out.

Well, when I uploaded the file none of my graphs were visible and I do not understand why.

Now, I’ve put up a question on the Createspace community board to see if anyone will direct me to the best guide or give me a step by step, so if I get any answers there I will make sure to supply them here as well.

Here was my process.

I created my graphs using Excel. Once they were how I liked them, I copy and pasted them to my MS Word main book document. I inserted them into the sections I wanted them to be viewed, breaking up the text in several chapters.

I was reading about several people using Photoshop or saving their graphs as .jpegs (and other various image document file types). I work using Gimp, which is basically the same as Photoshop, but free. I don’t suspect the program will make a difference as long as I can save it to the appropriate file type.

Others talked about how they did use Excel to create the graphs, but maybe I’m missing a step when I export them to my Word doc.

My next attempt will be to save the excel graph as an image file and then insert it in my Word document.

I will let you know how that turns out.

If anyone has any experience with graphs in their self-published works and can offer tips – I am completely open to ideas. 🙂


Business Plan, the Uncommon Sections

So my mission for Saturday was moved to Sunday. Yesterday I spent at Red Rock taking a hike through the mountains. It was fun. There was a man who set up a whole dinner up at the waterfall to propose to his girlfriend. He set up the whole thing, had a guy playing Part of Your World and Can You Feel the Love Tonight and other Disney inspired music on a cello. Very sweet, not particularly my style, but sweet indeed.

Anyways, today I have a few pictures of my business plans. Some are the old drafts but I thought it was important to show them. I think the important things to note are (though you may not be able to decipher them in the photos) the measurement of success, expected outcome, and resources. These are a few categories that are not as common as listing the task, the actions involved, and the date they are to be done so are therefore often overlooked. However, the are just as important.

In the measurement of success section, make sure to log how you find the particular action successful. An example maybe, if your task is to update your twitter with daily posts, you may find that the success is in the amount of followers increasing regularly. The more followers in the shorter amount of time equals a greater success.

The expected outcome section is similar to the measurement of success but not the same. In this area you will want to include what you want the finished task to produce, not taking into account exactly what makes it successful. For instance, if your task is to design a cover and your expected outcome is to have a cohesive, interesting design that will draw attention, then your measurement of success would be your audience having a positive reaction to the design.

Almost the same but not quite.

The last, often overlooked section of a business plan is the resources section. In this section you list the tools you will need for any particular task. Will you need the Internet, good sleep, specific programs, images, or other people? All of these things may seem obvious, but sometimes listing them just insures you do not forget to keep those tools at hand when you sit done to work.





Also, I know these pictures are not great, sorry.

A Writers Business Plan

I have been bad. Well, not all bad. I have been rather successful at writing this blog 5 days a week. Though its not really too much work, it takes dedication and commitment. I may have missed some days here or there but so far I am proud that I’ve been sticking to writing each day. Now, where I have been bad is not continuing to write on my zombie book or my angel book, despite the available tools, and a genuine excitement (anxiousness) to get these published. Last year I started a business plan and I accomplished many things because of this plan. However, as time continued and holidays, family, excuse, excuse got in the way I neglected to update and keep up with that plan.

I am growing tired of these ideas being trapped in my head. So onward plan and outward with creativity.

I have a beautiful planner my dad got for me and I am ready to business plan it up. And get these books PUBLISHED!

Want to create a business plan for yourself? It’s a fantastic way to delve into the projects, and create realistic, achievable goals.

I plan on mapping out specific goals for the next 12 months. All sorts of goals, like finishing certain chapters, finalizing, editing, proofing, ( I have so many pages of written text that just needs to be typed its daunting, but I can, I think), and don’t forget market strategies (some are best before the book is published, others after), giveaways, tours and spotlights, etc. There is A TON involved with getting that book published and if your a self-publisher, God help us.

Truth be told self publishing is pretty easy (once you get the hang of it) but if you lack dedication, a realistic outlook, enthusiasm, or confidence, not to mention patience, you may see a lack of productivity.

A business plan helps. I had a plan created for each book, each broken down by different categories like marketing, writing, editing, etc. as well as a plan for this blog and other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook.

Getting back on track with a solid, updated business plan will be the push I need to publish the proposed 2 (or even 3) books I have lined up for this year.

If you want any tips on business plans, I’m happy to give my thoughts.

Also, if anyone has something specific they would like to know more about regarding poetry or writing, I will make next weeks workshop dedicated to you 🙂