Customer Service Rant

Tantrum time!

I can not tell you how many times I have been dissatisfied with a customer service rep. I think my problem is I do not keep to the KISS rule (Keep It Simple Stupid). Instead, I ask more than one question and apparently my questions are too hard.

I really have trouble with this and it’s becoming one of those things that grates my skin -a real pet peeve.

I am a very thorough person. If you sent me an email asking several questions and leaving a few comments in-between, I’m the type that will respond with an answer for each, separately and I will probably address your comments as well. That’s just how I am. That is how I think customer service reps should be as well.

I find myself in a T-Mobile store, wanting to know (now here’s my question) If I buy a smart phone, do I need a data plan, or can I buy the smart phone and just text/talk on it.

Trust me, I know that it seems silly to want a smart phone without all the smarts, but it does suit me, well at least for now.

You see, I have talk/text unlimited. So I bought just the crappy $10 phone thinking that it would be fine. Well, the interface sucks, the texting is ridiculous, its just really lame. I still didn’t need to up my contract by adding data (though that’s in the future) but I couldn’t deal with the baseline phone. So, there I am in T-Mobile trying to ask the guy if I could upgrade my phone without altering my plan.

The guys response “Yes, you can have data on these phones.”

So I ask again, changing my approach, “Can I use the smart phone without the data plan?”

Here he proceeds to pull out the paper with the hierarchy of plans and explains, “This is your plan,” he circles, “and this is the data plan. You can change plans for data.”

Now I’m frustrated, “Can I keep my plan, as is, and buy this phone?”

Ok, we went back and forth until I literally walked out.

And I would chalk this up as a bad experience, but this is a regular occurrence. I email someone two questions and they are extremely helpful… with one question. I talk on the phone and am constantly redirected.

sigh… KISS