Thanksgiving Gripe

Today is Thanksgiving, the day to be thankful and take a moment to appreciate the things you usually take for granted. Today is also Thursday, my rant day of the week. So, although I have a lot to be thankful for I do have a gripe.

My dad was going to come to Las Vegas and spend Thanksgiving at my place, but he ended up having to work. Now, he doesn’t work for any of those places that decided to start Black Friday way early, he works for a mining company, but all of it irritates me. I will certainly miss him for this holiday, and hope he gets some tasty turkey, just like all the people who will miss their family working the holiday.

Now, I’m not against places being open and having people work. I know several people who enjoy working the holiday, either for extra pay or because they do not care for celebrating the holiday. If they want to work that’s a good thing, but when companies decide to open their Black Friday hours on Thanksgiving or even before and require their employees to be away from their families kinda sucks.

Anyway your celebrating, or whenever, I hope your turkey day is enjoyable.